Thursday, October 22, 2015

Expedition Earth - China

We started a new geography curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschool and we're having so much fun with it!  It will be at a full year of visiting 31 different countries!

Our first stop was China, we found it on the map and taped the flag on the map.  We learned "Ni Hao" which is "hello" in Chinese.  We taped that card to the top of the map.

We enjoyed a dinner out at PF Changs!!
The before dinner entertainment!

Attempting to eat with chop sticks!

 We started construction on the Great Wall of China!

They wrote their names in Chinese and then painted them red.  We learned that red is the mail color in China, it's considered a good luck color!

We learned about their flag

And the different animals that live in China

We made a animal board so that we can add each countries animals as we learn about them

More work on the wall

 Kara G came for the night and helped with the building!  It was so special to have her =)

We learned to write the Chinese numbers

and made Chinese fans

This is their world lapbook and they will add an accordion mini book for each country.

All the countries have a divider in their binder.

We had orange chicken for lunch =)

Putting the finishing touches on.....

and it's done!! They had so much fun building it and now playing with lego men on it!

They glued the China flag into their passports and we're done!

We're off to Egypt next =)