Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Akstel finishes Level 1 - All About Reading!!!

Which is a really big deal in this house!!! We absolutely love the All About Reading program.....not just me, the kids too =) There was 49 lessons in level 1 and we started it a couple of times but he just wasn't quite ready for it, but earlier this year we tried again and he did amazing! Reading comes pretty easily for him, but he's pretty shy to read out loud, so it was so fun to see his confidence grow as he got better and better!  Sometimes we could do a lesson in a day or two and sometimes we used the whole week to complete one.  There were 3 chapter books to read in this level.  Some lessons were to read one or two chapters and some lessons were learning new things.

Here he is reading the last story of the 3rd book!

Finished book 3, "Cobweb the Cat"

Once he completed a lesson he could put a sticker on his progress chart....a huge motivator!!!! Here he is putting on his last sticker!

Good job Akstel! We're so proud of you!

And he's so excited to start Level 2! (He wanted to start it the same day!!) And with Level 2, we start Spelling Level 1!

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