Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 in Arizona

Coy had the week of Thanksgiving off so we decided to fly to Arizona and spend a few days with family!  The boys were so excited to go on an airplane again! 

We had a late night flight but luckily these fancy pillows showed up in the mail before we left =)

On to the plane we go!

And we're SO excited!!

We spent the first night with Brandon & Joann and the kids wasted no time getting to work =) It's so neat to see the special bond of cousins!

Then it was off to Nana and Papa's
Building legos with Nana

New shirts just like Papa's!

Akstel thought his bed in the closet was pretty cool!

lots of family time!

We got to spend a special evening with Shelley and her boys

Off to Grandma & Grandpa's for more cousin time! 

Coy and I had a dentist appointment one morning, so the boys stayed with Grandpa & Grandma.....we took advantage of it and had a breakfast date =) So fun!! In the sunshine even =)

All six of the kids spend the night with Grandma & Grandpa so we went on a date =)
The water fountain ball in downtown Gilbert

We had dinner at a new place in Gilbert

very yummy food!!

Then we watched a play the theater in downtown Gilbert

But I was happy to see my little men in the morning =) (And rumor has it they missed us!!)  It was so neat for them to get lots of time with their cousins

Love this picture with Grandpa & Grandma and all the kids!

Planks with Papa!

Uncle Jason & Aunt Tanya, was great to spend several evenings with them!

Another dinner out before meeting on Wednesday

Eric & Shani had us stay after meeting on Wednesday and was so nice to spend a little time with them!
Taylor took good care of the boys =)

We decided to do a 5k Thanksgiving morning with Dad...the boys are drinking their smoothie before we leave!

We did a 1 mile kids race and then the 5k....we had a great time! And the boys did really good!

Starting the 1 mile!

I couldn't keep up with Akstel! He was so excited and I think he ran almost the whole way! Good thing Daddy could run....Mom just waddled!

Papa and Bakota!

The boys brought their scooters for the 5k

The back of our shirts

There was so many people!

There was a pumpkin pie station =)

We did it!

And they were tired!!!!!

The boys made decorations for Thanksgiving dinner

Lots of yummy food!

And yummy desserts =)

We flew back home late Thursday night and the boys were exhausted!!! They had a week of long days....not too many naps and lots going on!!! They fell asleep in the car on the way to the we found them a comfy chair to sleep in!

They kind of woke up to get on the plane but were asleep before we took off =)  Akstel woke up just before we landed but poor Bakota doesn't remember the flight at all and was all bummed out because we didn't get to ride an airplane home!
It was so cold and there was white stuff on the ground when we got back!  It was early Friday morning when we flew into Chicago and then had a 3 hour drive was tough! We were so tired!  Our bed has never felt so good! Of course the boys were rested up by the time we got home =)  We had such a special week with family and friends and were thankful everyone made time to see us =)  Next time we see them our family will be bigger!!!

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  1. It was SO SO SO much fun to have you here!!! Love your pics & will keep these memories forever! xoxox, Mom/Nanna