Friday, December 6, 2013

November 2013

Our dinosaur fossils finally dried so we could paint them!

More Candyland!

The boys are still doing swimming lessons and loving them!

They got a special package in the mail with snowman to color!

Bakota loves to put these word puzzles together

and Akstel likes to write the words!

Daddy turned Bakota into a robot!

The workers came for a visit!

We spent an evening with friends....the boys love their baby girl and gets us all excited for baby sister to come!

SNOW!!! It wasn't the right kind for a snowman but fun anyways!

Coy made an apple bird with the boys which they thought was so cool!

I made a notebook for Akstel to work on his sight words and Bakota was not to be left out!!! So, I had to quickly make him one too =)

We checked out several the the Bear books by Karma Wilson and the boys loved them! We did an art project of bear sleeping through the winter.

Bakota loves to do puzzles!

Another project the boys did

We got to spend an afternoon with a special little girl, her Mom and Aunt! We had so much fun!

We made cookies (and a pretty big mess!!)

she was so excited to have tea party with the boys!! I'll have to save these pictures for when they are a little older =)

All the way home they begged me to stop at the store so that we could buy a tea party set!! Ha ha! They'll only have to wait a few more years and I'm sure we'll have one!

Akstel loves to draw, so we started a drawing notebook so we can save his pictures in one place.

This is was he drew on the front cover! Our family! Complete with baby sister in Mommy's tummy! Too sweet =)

They love to put on shows! We even get tickets with our name on it so we can get in to see the show!

We spent another evening with this special family!

The boys working on dinner!

Akstel and Bakota love to help me in the kitchen

It's fun to see Bakota getting good at writing....he even holds his pencil like a big boy now!

B spelling his name

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  1. They are SO sweet!!! I love seeing their projects, their friends and all of the cool stuff you share. Thanks so much for doing this JoJo!!!