Friday, December 20, 2013

It's starting to look a lot like winter!!!

Winter has arrived!

It's beautiful to look at from inside =)

Spending some time at the warm indoor pool!

The boys really enjoyed their first time sledding!!
How many boys can you get on one sled? 4!!!

We enjoyed watching the boys from the warmth of the house and playing with this happy little lady!

Bakota went in for his 3 year (and 3 month, not sure why they wait until then here but they do!)
He checked in at 39.5 inches (79%) and 37 pounds (85%)
He did awesome! They poked his finger and gave him a shot and no tears!!!

Big brother watching on!

The boys have been enjoying the snow, but we just wish it was a bit warmer =)

 We had an indoor picnic

Finished up our swimming lessons

Akstel's first attempt at a standing dive!!

Bakota will move up a level!! Into the big pool with no float belt =)

LOVING the snow!!

First snow angels

checking them out =)

Back inside to warm up with a snack and hot chocolate

We tried to paint snow but it was too powdery.....we couldn't build a snowman either =(

Building Mat Man (part of our handwriting curriculum), they love it!!

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  1. Looks like an Iowa winter! =) Looks like the boys are enjoying it! =)