Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy 32nd!!!

Coy had a birthday yesterday and we had an awesome day =)

The boys wanted to make something for Daddy so we painted some wood frames, drew pictures and wrapped up their masterpieces!

Bakota is getting really good at writing his letters, he was so proud to write "Dad" all by himself! I was proud too!!

Happy Birthday to the best Daddy ever!

Akstel's gifts

Bakota's gifts

We got about 6 inches of snow Saturday night, so on Sunday afternoon we all bundled up and enjoyed the hill behind our apartment!

Coy trying out his snowboard

Bakota snowboarding for the first time!!! He did awesome and loved it!

Akstel's first time snowboarding! He did awesome too and couldn't get enough of it!!

I couldn't resist a few rides down the hill =) It was hard to stay off the snowboard though!

We had so much fun!! I'm glad we went out yesterday when it was much warmer (a whole 25 degrees!!!) because today's high is 9 degrees =)

Here is a couple of video's and you can see more in our December 2013 folder on Picasa, click here.

We came back in to warm up and enjoy birthday cake!

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband and Daddy to these amazing boys!

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