Friday, December 6, 2013

Handsome Little Men

My little men are growing up so fast! And I know they are growing fast when I can see it! Since I'm with them every day I don't always see how fast they change, and I know when baby sister comes they will seem so much bigger!  It's been a while back but we where in a store in the mall and they boys saw bow ties and REALLY wanted one! We decided to wait and think about it.....and think about them they did! It was pretty funny to hear them wanting a bow tie so badly!  So....a few weeks later they were both in desperate need of new dress clothes.....and bow ties!!!  I took these on my phone so they are not the best pictures but oh so cute!!
Bakota has started in the "awkard smile for pictures" phase! But still so stinking cute!!!

A classic Bakota look!!

A true Akstel grin!

Love our little men so much!!

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  1. Laughing so hard out loud at the cheesy smiles!!! They are SO ridiculously cute and handsome and my heart is swelling up because I love them SO much!!! Love the bow ties!!!