Friday, December 6, 2013

Finishing Up October

We found a really fun indoor water park downtown!
Coy and Bakota coming down

And Akstel right behind them

Akstel figured out if he layed down he went faster =)

Bakota all by himself!

Akstel playing teacher!

This is what it looks like when two boys decide to make grilled cheese sandwiches all by themselves!!  You just have to laugh =)


The boys have been really into dinosaurs so we decided to make some fossils

They had to dry for a few days before we could paint them (finished pictures to come!)

Dinosaur feet!

They love playing games!
These boys keep me busy for sure!

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  1. I AM laughing!!! I love every picture, every minutes, proud faces, big messes, all of it!!! I especially love the dinosaur feet. What a sweet family you are!!!