Thursday, October 24, 2013


Catching up =)
I asked the boys to make their bed and I love how it turned out!!

The boys love to play games! But holding the cards is really hard for them.....thank you pinterest for this great idea!!

We loved having the farmers market over the summer and it was our Saturday morning tradition to go stock up on yummy fruit and veggies!

My sweet sister and mama k surprised us with a little girl celebration!!

We really enjoyed having our cousins here for a few weeks......and had some really silly times =)

The boys started swimming lesson at the YMCA and have been doing amazing!!! They are both like little fish!

Akstel showing me how he can go under the water =)

We loved having Grandma and Grandpa here! The boys think this Grandpa is a pretty special guy and I have to agree =)

The boys are so excited about their baby sister....we found her a blanket and a little giraffe that plays a lullabye, they love to wrap her up and sing to her!! I think Bakota was trying to see her =)

Kisses for sister =)

We got a new vacuum.....the other Coy has had since before we were married =) It was done =(  I LOVE the new and so do the boys! Which means they love to help vacuum =)

Racing Grandpa to find Waldo!

Crafting with Grandma

Grandpa read a Berenstain Bear book a few =) times while he was here, so Akstel decided to draw a picture from one of the pages! He loves to draw =)

We had some "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" fun!

Another picture by it!

The boys enjoyed the pool at our hotel in Valentine.

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  1. Fun times! I do have to agree that they have a very special Grandpa......and Grandma!