Saturday, October 26, 2013

October so far.....

The boys are so excited for their little sister to come...they love to wrap her up with her blanket and play her giraffe for her! They were feeling her kick =)

They went to the dentist and did awesome!!

This is how we take care of flys around here!!!

The workers came for a visit and Karen played a game with the boys =)

Sundown is the ski resort right on the edge of town here....we've been curious about it and finally went to check it out....the fall colors are beautiful, but it will soon all be white!  It was a little different to see a ski hill where you start at the top, ski down and ride the lift back up the mountain!

Akstel is very artistic....he was working at his table the other day and all on his own he created this robot! Pretty cool little man!

The boys were so excited that it was supposed to snow last week.....Daddy even helped turn them into snowmen!!

It's finally snowing!!!!!

They were disappointed it didn't stick, they really wanted to make a snowman.  I have a feeling pretty soon they'll have all the snow they want =)

Akstel is very proud to be able to count to 100 but doesn't always put the numbers together right visually, so we got out our number magnets.  It's amazing how fast he gets something when he can see it!

This morning we went to visit the farm that is next to Coy's job site.  They've been telling him for a while to bring the boys out and feed the calves! We're so glad it worked out!  It was really cold so we bundled up!


Letting the calves suck on our fingers!

Each calf has it's own little house

Off to the milking barn

Lots of cats

Checking out the milking process

We all enjoyed it so much, Ron & Ellen are great folks!

We stopped for lunch and got to see a fire truck! The firemen stopped to talk to the boys and show them their truck.

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