Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Weekend in Omaha

One of the perks for being a government contractor is everyone once in a while the people who run it can't all get along and shut down so.......we get a few days off from our project.  It was a good time for Coy to get caught up on other work things he doesn't always have time for and a great time for spending with me and the boys =) We took a weekend and went to Omaha to visit the zoo!
We got an amazing hotel! The boys loved it because it was a safari theme and it had bunk beds!! And fresh cookies in the lobby =)
They both slept on the top bunk!

Playing hide and seek

We spent Saturday at the zoo

It was hard to get a picture of these frogs but the boys loved them, they were fun to watch.

Monkeys are always a hit!

Checking out the map to see where to go next =)

Time for a snack!

Akstel's picture of us =)

This was the much anticipated part of the zoo! Dinosaurs!!!!! They had 19 robotic life size dinosaurs! They were so excited to get there.....a little nervous when we saw them at first.....and then thought they were the best part =)

Bakota thought this one was cute!

Akstel was a little nervous to turn his back on this guy

Digging for dinosaur bones!

Hunting for prairie dogs!

Lunch time

More dinosaur digging!

Waiting for our turn to ride on the train

Off we go!

Bakota thought this zebra was playing hide and seek!

We took the skyfari, a ski lift that went over all the african animals, it was neat to see them from above! Coy and Bakota were a couple of seats behind Akstel and I.  I think this was Akstel's favorite part!

Into the aquarium....I love these pictures of Bakota...

He turned around just in time to see the fish swim right at him!


The penguins were fun to watch

Akstel found a crab bigger than he was!

All done with our day at the zoo!

Off to dinner downtown

We spend Sunday afternoon at the Children's museum.....what a really awesome place!

The boys could have played there all day....they had a huge room with tons of plastic balls and all sorts of places to stick them and watch them fly or pop out of somewhere!

They even turned into firemen!

Bakota might not be quite ready for a garden yet!

Our last night in town and out to dinner....we had an awesome weekend!

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  1. Super cool & very fun to see! What a cool place!!!