Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Akstel's Trip To The Hospital"

Akstel is a big "Little Critter" fan! We usually check out every book the library has!  "My Trip to the Hospital" was a favorite last month....and just in time! He jumped off of a 4 foot wall into the grass and didn't land quite the right way. He tried to be really tough but we could tell is really hurt, so after a few hours and it was still really bothering him, we took him in for an xray.  I was glad we had read this book and I explained that they were going to do the same thing.  He was still nervous but it made it easier for him.

Listening to music while he waited =) And of course the blanket came along!!

More waiting....for the Dr

The xray tech explaining what she was going to do

Mom and Baby Sister had to wait behind the wall.....Akstel was so brave!

All done!

And he got a tattoo!
We were glad it was just a sprain but took several days to feel better.

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