Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Pink Addition!

I can hardly believe we'll be adding a little girl to our family!!! Her due date is January 20th, which sounds so far away but if the 2nd half goes as fast at the first, she'll be here in no time!
We had our ultrasound yesterday, isn't she the cutest thing!!!

I love this one of her sucking her thumb

After the initial shock of "she's a girl" wore off, we are so excited!  I think we all expected a boy since that is all we know, but when the ultrasound tech said a girl, the room was silent!!!  And now we can't imagine anything else but two boys and a little girl! She has two big brothers who are very excited about their "Sister Bear"!!!

9/6/2013 - 21 Weeks


  1. Let the pink start infesting your life!

  2. SO very happy for you guys!!! :)

  3. Oh!! I was shocked too! Somehow the possibility of a little girl hadn't entered in to my mind yet :) Hope we get to see you soon!

  4. Hey! Congrats! I'm excited for you, as I know how great little girls are--at least my nieces are. :-) Will be fun to have another girl cousin in the family.