Saturday, August 3, 2013

No Training Wheels, Swimming and Other Fun Things.....

Coy has been talking for a while about taking Akstel's training wheels off, but this Mom wasn't so sure!  They boys were outside the other night and I got a call to come downstairs!! Here is my BIG boy riding a bike with no training wheels!! He was so proud of himself and so are we!  And Bakota is getting really good on the scooter and thinks he is pretty big stuff!!!

Bakota mastering the scooter!

Akstel riding with no training wheels!

Two thumbs up!

Akstel loves to draw, a blank piece of paper and a pencil will keep him busy for a while! I love to see what he comes up with!

The boys have now finished 6 weeks of summer swimming lessons! They absolutely loved it! The last session Akstel got to move up a level and I could see a huge improvement!  I was a little worried about them not being in the same class but it ended up being really good for Bakota! He really seemed to come out of his shell and gain more confidence!  They were both in small classes so they got a lot of one on one time with their teachers.

Bakota going off the diving board!

Akstel's turn!

Akstel showing me how he can swim under water!

Akstel swimming!!!

Bakota swimming!!!

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