Thursday, June 13, 2013

Welcome to Dubuque, Iowa!

We left Kansas on Monday morning after a very fun weekend with family and headed for "home"!!

The mid-west is absolutely beautiful!

Finally home!!

Found this little guy with a "found" book among all the unpacking =)

Bakota fell asleep looking at himself!!

Grandpa and Grandma changed their plans and came to Iowa with us to help us unpack!!  I'm pretty sure between the two of them they read just about every book we have!

Glenn & Coy made dinner so that we could keep organizing! With the exception of 1 box we had it all put away by Tuesday night!!!

A bedtime snack!

Bakota helping Grandma in the kitchen

Saturday we went downtown

The bridge to Illinois

Toes in the cold Mississippi River!

Learning how to roll down a hill!

It wouldn't be a warm welcome without a tornado warning right? We got text messages last night before meeting that we should take cover!!! Yikes! We are on the 3rd floor so I'm not sure where exactly we were supposed to go but no tornadoes ever touched down!

The boys are really into picking me flowers =)

The boys room

Living room


Dining Room / Laundry Room

Boys bathroom

our bathroom

Our room / office


  1. Love the "found book" picture and Bakota falling asleep looking at himself. Who hasn't wondered what they look like while sleeping?! Good on y'all for being minimalists.

  2. Beautiful, Jo! Love your new house! Your boys are so cute and so funny!!! Love you all, Mom