Sunday, June 9, 2013

de Boer Wedding Weekend - Marysville, Kansas

We left Tyler on Thursday, really headed for Dubuque, but made a detour to Kansas for a wedding!!

Saw the beginning of a tornado in Oklahoma City...very erie to see...we found out that it touched down after we went through.

We drove through Moore, OK where the tornado had recently hit

We could see the destruction from the road and pictures don't do it justice.  It was really sad to see.

Two little men were so excited to see Grandpa and Grandma! Bakota kept saying "we're going to Grandpa's camper" the whole trip =)

It didn't take them long to find a tractor!

or the mud puddle!

It was really special to see Coy's Grandma deBoer

Lots of quality Grandma and Grandpa time

Coy's first cousins, Evan and Laura

They had a tornado hit a few days before we got there and took out the John Deere dealership and a truss business. (This was just a few miles down road from where we were staying)

We were able to visit Coy's aunt and uncle, Brandt & Joyce's, farm! The boys loved it!

All ready for the wedding!

Derek, the groom

Justine, the bride

A beautiful wedding!

A country limo!

Akstel was very happy to have a job helping at the reception! He took it so seriously that he didn't want to stop to eat!!!

All of Jenae's siblings and Grandma deBoer

the whole deBoer side (minus our boys who were to busy playing for pictures!!)

Bakota has discovered he can look at his nose!!!

Time to go!

Grandpa read A LOT of stories!!

So tired and all snuglly =)

It was fun to watch the crop duster

Derek & Justine opened their gifts after lunch on Sunday

This gift came in a diaper box....apparently payback from Derek's brother's wedding gift!

Bakota also has a great love for his tummy!! He likes to show it and pull his shirt up to make sure it's still there =)

We stayed at the Griffee's and the boys were really impressed with his tractors!

We took a tour of the farm on Sunday afternoon

When we came back from our tractor ride we found this on Glenn & Jenae's camper!! (It was placed there by Jenae's brother Brandt.....but he misspelled redneck!!!)

The boys were really excited to catch "mops"!!! (Moths) Grandma even said they could bring them inside!

This is where they slept for the night =)
We took off the next morning to finish our trip to Iowa.  It was such a fun weekend and the first time I met some of that side of the family!

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