Monday, March 25, 2013

Elkhart, Indiana

We made a weekend trip to Indiana to pick up Coy's new work trailer! It's a long ways up there!

And a very long trailer! But oh so amazing! Now when we travel, it will fit all of his work things, house things and the car!!!!

It was very cold there! The boys were happy to find a mountain of snow!

We were so close to Michigan that we had to drive over the border just to say we've been there =)

I have such cute travelling buddies!

By far the best part of our trip was finding out Matt, Nikki and baby Landon were travelling north through Illinois while we were travelling south!! We met up for a few minutes at a truck stop =) It was so awesome to see them with there new very special baby boy!

Bakota was picking pine cones for Landon and leaving them near his carseat =)

Really, we think workers are worth more than that!

It was neat to drive through St. Louis and see the arch.  It looks like an amazing town! We didn't have time to stop.....we were trying to beat a snow storm!

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