Sunday, March 10, 2013

Branson, MO - December 2012

Well, 2 months later I am finally posting about our trip to Branson! We went to Branson, MO for a few days, and we loved it! It is about 8 hours from Tyler and a beautiful drive!

We got into town Saturday evening and went to the Dixie Stampede, it is a really exciting horse and animal show that is owned by Dolly Pardon.  We highly recommend it and would love to go back!!  They don't allow pictures inside but I snuck a few =)

An amazing juggler as the pre-show

This made me nervous! Standing on top of a free standing ladder juggling fire and has spinning fire sticks on his head!

This is the arena where the main show is

Self portrait!

Cutest boys ever!!

The Branson water tower at night

We had lunch on Sunday after meeting here....unfortunately it wasn't that great =(

We spent Sunday afternoon at Silver Dollar City, it is an amusement park and so much fun!

Waiting for the bus!

The petting zoo

Coon skin hats!

I thought handcuffs might be a good way to keep the boys together!!

One of the main streets, it is setup kind of like a town.

Our little gingerbread men

The boys could have stayed here for hours!! You put balls in these guns and they shoot really far! It's even ok to shoot at people =)

A really big Bakota! To me....not so much!!! A tight squeeze =)


We decided to try out a ride, most of them the boys are not big enough for but this one we could take them on. the time we got done, they were both in tears =( It was fun until it got dark and then we had several "surprise" drops! But they though the guns were cool!

We watched "Frosty the Snowman".  You can see Bakota standing up in the front, he can't find Akstel!

Akstel is the one in the green hood.  All the kids got to sit on the stage and they both went =)

They loved this!


And the swings were awesome!

Right before we left they each made a Branson bear!

Putting a star in side

and stuffing it

All done!

Monday, we went to the fish hatchery.  This was really cool, we all loved it!

They had more than fish.  An alligator snapping turtle! I would not want to meet him outside of his cage!!

This is where they keep all the fish until they take them to a lake.  Each pond has fish and different stages.  We fed the fish and they would go crazy over the food!

We finally made it to the pool, which was a little chilly so we hung out in the hot tub! A great way to end our busy few days!

We headed home on Tuesday and this is what we drove in! It took us an extra 3 hours to get home! And I think we had a few more gray hairs! There was no snow plows out and our car is so low that we made our own!! We lost count of how many cars and trucks were in the ditch, some could make it out on their own but some would have to wait for help, even some flipped over! We were thankful to get home safely!!
We had so much fun in Branson and hope to go back in the spring or summer when more of the outside activities are open and the regular show are back on instead of the Christmas ones!

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  1. We are thinking of heading there for a family vacation this summer. Maybe we could meet up?! =)