Saturday, February 2, 2013

Akstel Turns 4!!!

We can hardly believe our big boy turned 4!!!

We started celebrating the night before, Akstel opened his present from Grandma & Grandpa on Skype =)

Just the legos he wanted!!!

The next morning, Bakota woke up (very happy!!) before Akstel......Akstel needs a bit of time to wake up (like his Mom!!) By the time Akstel was awake Bakota had already discovered the decorations and was so excited that is was Akstel's birthday! He was a little disappointed when Akstel wasn't as excited right away! He did give a big grin with his eyes closed tho!!

Wake up Akstel!!

There he is!

Maybe not!

Finally awake and VERY excited about his big day!

Me too Mom!

When Daddy got home he decorated the cake

Our big 4 year old!

Can you tell he is excited?

Thank goodness for Skype! Even when we can't be "with" our family and can still celebrate a birthday together!! We called Uncle Brandon, Auntie Joann and the cousins when he opened their gift!

A new scooter!!!! (Which turned out to be the favorite this year!!!)

And he's off!

A inside basketball hoop!! Can you tell how excited Bakota is???

They each got a special gift from Great Gran and Great Gpa Joe!!!


A "Cat in the Hat" 4th birthday!

REALLY loved his cake!!!

We found one more present!!! Work gloves just like Daddy!!!

Trying everything out!

Happy Birthday Akstel! We love you so much!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday from Nanna & Poppa who also love you SOOO much!!! Congratulations on being 4 years old!!! We can't wait until you get to Arizona on Monday!!!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful blog post that let's me share in the birthday time with that precious young Akstel man!!! Your Auntie Tam loves you like crazy!!!! Happy Birthday~!

  3. Wow, time flies onward!

    Enjoy every moment.