Friday, January 25, 2013


We started the boys in gymnastics in December and they LOVE it!  Akstel goes once a week to the 3 year old class, which is a class he goes to by himself and we watch!! This has been really good for him, getting out of his little shell, having to listen and talk to someone else!
This was the first class so he was a bit nervous!

That is Ms. Mona behind him

The rings are the absolute favorite!

Watching Akstel is fun for Mommy & Daddy but really hard for Bakota! He wants to go to class too!

He is supposed to stick his landing, put his arms up and say "Tah-dah"!

Wall push ups.....we do this A LOT at home now =)

Finally, Bakota gets to go to class!! Twice a week both boys can go to the 2 year old class, which I have to go with them.  It is more just a free for all with different stations that they can do.

Gymnastics class has been so good for the boys, burns off lots of energy =) 

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