Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Road to Hana

While we were in Hawaii we drove from where we stayed to Hana....a very small town on the other end of the island.  We left early on a Tuesday morning and it took us the whole day to get there.  We stayed there overnight and drove the rest of the way on Wednesday.
We made lots of stops along the way, this was the first, a hike to a waterfall

Lots of guavas!

The wet part of the hike!

Trying coconut!

This was so cute, Akstel saw a hill and he wanted to slide down! It didn't work out as well as the hoped!

The road to Hana is long, slow and windy! This is how it starts out.  So beautiful!

Gum Tree


A little windier!

We found leaves as big as Bakota!

They also made good hats =)

Another hike through a rainforrest.....very humid!

There were so many beauiful flowers 

Pretty happy!

In Hana there is only one restaraunt and that night something in the kitchen was broken so they couldn't serve much of their menu and what they could serve was SO expensive! So....we heard about a lady who served Chicken Hekka.....a Hawaiian the park! We decided to be brave and try it out!

I'm glad we tried it but I wouldn't get it again =) They used hawaiian noodles that looked and felt like worms!

The boys got to run around with the other kids

This was the view from the house we stayed at
The boys room 

Out for another hike the next morning

To a red sand beach

Picking coconuts

there were a lot of waterfalls along the way

This corner was so sharp you were supposed to honk your horn to make sure anyone coming knew that you were there!

This was the Seven beautiful!

We took the short hike down to them and had lunch

Akstel caught a frog! (See Grandma's post here)

He kissed the frog goodbye!!

The trip wouldn't be complete without a flat tire!!

Really narow and windy!

Now it's just dirt!

Like a roller coaster!
I took a ton of pictures....check out our Picasa page to see them all =)

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