Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting Settled in Tyler, TX

This is where the boys ate breakfast our first morning =) At least we could find dishes, right?

Enjoying coffee on the front porch!

Chilling out in a box =)

We LOVE our big backyard!!

And the fact that we got to bring our john deere!!

And our really deep bathtub!

And of course the sweet tea!

Since we brought all of our stuff out of storage it was a big project to go through it and get rid of what we don't "need"! It worked out that the ladies here were having a garage sale! So, we took a lot of stuff to goowill but we did take a couple of truck loads to the garage sale too! We had A LOT of stuff!

First morning of the garage sale

All the sellers!

And our marketing guy! Our worker, Tom Davis.  He is great fun!

Our first union Sunday, we stayed for a potluck and then got to check out Lou's chickens! The boys got to pick eggs and pet the chickens!

Our house has a mail slot instead of a mail box! The boys think this is very cool! They always get so excited when the mailman comes!

Usually our mail ends up like this!

Akstel is doing so good at writing his letters, he drew this picture for me and even wrote Mom on it! He was so proud and he wanted to make sure it got hung up!

The next Sunday we went to Theresa's house for lunch, she just lives a couple of blocks from us! It was a very fun day!
Akstel and her cat Betty

Playdo after lunch!

The boys thought it was cool that they could drive a car inside!

And we enjoyed an afternoon downpour!

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