Thursday, November 8, 2012

Driving Kihei Road

The last Saturday we had in Hawaii was pretty windy so we decided to drive down Kihei road to see the lava fields.  It was beautiful!
The road gets narrow!

The pictures really don't show how much lava there was! It was incredible!

When we got to the end of the road we parked and hiked a trail along the beach for a ways.
There was this really amazing blow hole, every few minutes when a big wave would come in it would blow water really high!

We had to take a break to write in the sand!

We were surprised to find wild goats! LOTS and LOTS of them! Akstel thought it was great!!

Chasing the goats! He was convinced they wouldn't be scared of him!

The water was so blue and the waves were so big, it was beautiful!

Bakota was taking a nap in the van, so Grandma stayed with him while we hiked.  When we got back the boys played in the water.  It was a neat spot, there was no sand, just lava rocks, so it was really clear!

They found the one little patch of sand and loved it!
I have so many pictures from this day, check out our picasa pictures to see the rest!


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