Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mt. Haleakala

Today we biked Mt. Haleakala! Coy drove Henry, Glenn, Jenae & I to the top and we biked all the way down to Kahului!  From the top to the bottom total riding time was 1 hour and 56 minutes and 36 miles! Our average speed was 18 mph and max speed was 42 mph!!!! YIKES!!!!! I think if I had known I was going that fast I wold have slowed down!!!!!
The boys trying on the helmets at the rental store

This is called silver sword and only grows on Mt. Haleakala

At the top and getting ready to go!

Starting point at 10,000 feet! It was cold and windy!

Coy would get ahead of us and then take pictures as we passed him.

Watching us go down the hill!

Time for a break and it's getting warmer!

Coy's great pictures!

Glenn and Jenae stopped when we got down near Kula, so Coy hopped on and finished the ride with us!

Akstel loved sitting in the front seat with Daddy and then with Grandpa but finally gave into a nap!!

Happy little Bakota in the back seat!
We had such an amazing day! Thanks to Coy for driving for us and thanks to our awesome guide Henry!!!


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  1. Oh Jodi, it's been fun to follow your time over there!! :) Forty years ago we stayed in Kula with Auntie Rosie Murphy, and we know it's changed a lot in that time, but what a great experience for you all! I'm sure you're sad to see it winding down...but so glad you got to go! The little cottages sound just great!!