Monday, October 8, 2012

Life on Maui

One big blog post to catch up =) They got a bit out of order, but you'll get the idea!
This was the first time we were at the beach when we first got here.

We've taken a couple of Sunday drives around the island, absolutley beautiful!

The boys get very dirty! They are loving playing outside so much!

Grandma, Grandpa and Steph FINALLY make it!

We had dinner together on the porch the night they came, with Henry and Shermaine Chu, who have the meeting here.

We got so lucky to be on Maui the same time as the workers! Sara Stickland and Kara Grow! One saturday they and another lady here, Sherri, met us at the beach!

We had yummy cinnamon rolls on the beach for breakfast!

Another Sunday drive

Some very tight spaces

Kara & Sara met us at the aquarium one afternoon, it was awesome!

This was a neat beach because it had a reef that protected it from the waves, so it was like a big pool!

We went to a Hawaiian festival and watched the hula dancers

I love these! We see them quite often in more remote places.  An honor system famers market! Take what you want and put your money in the box =)

A Sea Horse Ranch for sale!

We enjoy the most amazing sunsets from our deck and lawn!

LOTS of good quality cousin time!

Keanna lost two teeth!

Steph & Coy's masterpiece!

Ready for snorkeling!


We had lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise before one of our Sunday drives



This is the way Akstel fell asleep!

When Coy and I came in February we came out to this bay and watched huge waves and lots of surfers! We heard the waves were supposed to be bigger this day so we thought we would go check it out again! was very calm! And lots of snorkelers! We could even see a turtle from the cliff! (A couple of pictures down)  We ended up coming back to this place the next day to go snorkeling and it was amazing! You can see the coral reef in this picture and it is just filled with fish and turtles!! We saw three turtles and they were amazing! We figured they were about 4 feet and we were about 10 feet away, you could see every detail! They would look up at us while they were hunting for food!!

Turtle poking his head up!

This is from the aquarium, Akstel loved the tide pool where he cold pick up star fish and sea cucumbers!

watching the sharks!

I have a few more to get caught up on, but we've been having a great time and it is quickly coming to an end!



  1. How long are you there for? What fun you look like you are having! Dan and I honeymooned there so many great memories on Maui and it looks like you are making quite a few too!! ENJOY!

    1. We fly out next Friday and head back to Texas, we will have been here for 5 weeks! We feel very lucky =)

  2. Oh I want to come visit!! =)
    Erin wants to go sooooooo bad!!!