Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another week in Maui!

Kara and Sara came to spend two nights with Brandon & Joann last week and it was so special to get to spend time with them!

Alawna lost a tooth!

More beautiful sunsets!

Last Saturday we had a potluck with our meeting at a beach park in Lahaina, a very special group of people!

Not too thrilled with getting his picture taken

There was lots of black crabs hanging out on the rocks

Enjoying each other!

The boys!

After lunch we spent the afternoon on the beach

Sunday after meeting we found this little guy =)

Akstel holding the gecko =)

After lunch we went into downtown Lahaina, watched a hula show

and looked through all the vendors under the banyan tree.  This photographer had amazing pictures! And a really cool camera!

We found a fish pond and Akstel could have stayed there for hours!

Jenae, the boys and I went into Makawao to see the shops there and we found a banana tree

And a green gecko!

Yesterday we had to go into town for a few things and we had heard the waves were supposed to be pretty big so we decided to check them out! They were bigger but it was so windy, so they weren't nice clean waves.  But still amazing to watch!

This is the baby beach we went to when we first got here, only today the reef that makes this little beach more like a pool with no waves was all covered up and wave crashing on the shore!

The girls had gone to Hilo Hatties a few days ago and got shell lei's and ever since Akstel has been wanting one! So, we stopped after meeting last night and he finally got his shell lei!!!

We've been having so much fun here and it's hard to believe our time is almost done! We fly back to AZ next Friday afternoon!


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