Friday, September 21, 2012

Where are we?

I've been asked a lot where we, here is a map! I just took a picture of my computer screen so they aren't the greatest.
This is a sattelite view of where our rentals are.  Our rentals are the ones near the center of the picture with the red roofs.  The one on the top left is our place, the one in the middle is Brandon & Joann's and the one on the right is another rental.  Our driveway starts at Lower Kula road on the left side of the picture and winds around to the rentals.  All the land is part of the rental so the kids have a lot of places to explore!! And they are loving it!

A view of the whole island, the purple is dot is close to where we are.  The jobsite is to the right side at Haleakala National park.  Kahului is at sea level, home is at 3000 feet and the jobsite is over 10,000!


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