Friday, September 21, 2012

Our Trip to Maui

Friday morning was a busy morning!  Our flight left at 1:55pm from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport but travelling with 10 people (6 kids), 9 checked bags and 16 carry-on's we allowed plenty of time to check-in and get through security!  We got the the airport a little after 10 and it all went smoothly =)
We weighed all of our checked bags to make sure they were under 50 pounds....they were all close!!!

The pile of bags all ready to go!

Loading them up!

Saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa and telling them to hurry to Hawaii!!

Coy corralled all the kids while we got our bags checked in.

We made it through security!! Hanging out and watching planes

We had an hour flight to Los Angeles and then a 5 hour and 15 minute flight into Kahului.....the kids said it was LLLOOONNNNGGGGG! Hawaii is 3 hours earlier than Arizona and 5 hours earlier than Texas, so even though we got in about 8:00pm Hawaii time, everyone was tired!!!
Akstel got to sit with Daddy and he chattered the WHOLE plane ride! We were two rows up and I could hear him =) He was so excited!

Bakota was excited too but it was nap time, so he was asleep before we took off =) So much for my brilliant plan of keeping him awake for the short flight and sleeping on the long one!! He did sleep for a couple hours on the long flight too.  Overall everyone did great!!


Brandon and Alawna!


Joann & Traiten!

There he is!

Little B sleeping

But very awake on the next flight =) And a little we took off he kept saying "Down, down"!


We FINALLY made it to Hawaii! And everyone was done!

Waiting for the Dad's to come back with our vans

After a stop for dinner and a stop for some groceries we made it "home'!
The lady we are renting for is great! She had a plate of fresh fruit all cut up and waiting for us in the fridge, a sweet note and a huge basket of fruit, cookies and chocolate!

The pineapple made the whole kitchen smell good!

The boys were so tired! They slept there all night and were a little surprised when they woke up the next morning =)
We were so happy to have finally made it and still in a bit of shock that we finally made it!!!


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