Friday, September 21, 2012

Our first week in Hawaii

We were lucky enough to have the workers come for lunch!!
Kara Grow, Marilyn Denio and Sara Stickland
Kara and Sara will be on Maui the whole time we are here and having gospel meetings =) They arrived on Monday and Marilyn came to show them around and then will go back to her field.  They will have Wednesday gospel meetings in Lahaina and then Sunday in Wailuku.

The girls had to make a harvest snack for school, so they brought it over to share with the boys!

More dirt!

Playing in the "long grass"!

3 boys in a tub! I don't think they will all fit for much longer =)

They are SO tired by the end of the day!

A beautiful view!

Off the to farmers market!

We have found food, especially produce to be very expensive! So, we were told that the farmers market would be much cheaper and taste better!
This is a "bunch" of apple bananas, they are so good! She cut off 14 for us and that is called a "hand" of bananas.

I've never seen a lei section at the store!

Very expensive produce!

And milk!

and gas!

We've had a few rainy days and when the fog rolls in we have no view!

Enjoying the apple bananas!

and the best strawberries ever!!!!

Love being outside

The girls were busy doing school so I took the boys to the library for story time.

I love this! Keanna brought her school project over to show me!

Enjoying the library books! I love how he is sitting!

Dirt and sticks = HAPPY boys!

I love that we are so close that all the cousins can be together =)

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