Monday, September 17, 2012

Half way done!!

At least that is what I thought!!! This is at the end of tray 12 (of 24).  I went in before we left for Hawaii to get more trays and he says they are moving along great but to be prepared there may be some fine tuning at the end, which means additional trays =( Oh bummer...oh well, if I can do it this long and I can handle a few more, right? I CANNOT wait to get the chip in my front tooth fixed! As soon as I am done with Invisalign he will fix it! YAY!!!!!

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  1. Yes, do be prepared for additional trays! Ive heard that from every invisalign patient ive met.. the next time i go in i think i have to so the molds again for the last final tuning (he made it sound like maybe 5-8 more trays? But i have 40 trays so ur lucky at 24!!) But yes, isnt it funny how all the imperfections of this chip and that chip one never noticed them before cause they were just tiny imperfections compared to the big problems of not straight teeth and then as they get straighter its been driving me nuts too! I cant wait to be done and have everything reshaped! But ur smile is looking fabulous! :)))