Friday, September 21, 2012

Getting Settled In Kula, Hawaii

This is what we woke up to our first morning in Hawaii =) The pictures of course don't do it justice but our view is amazing! This is the coast by Kahului

And this is the coast near Lahaina

One of my favorite things!! Having all the cousins playing together on our living room floor =)

There is so much space here for the boys to roam and there are no snakes or icky things to worry about and it is a really safe place, so I don't have to worry about them.....too much!
They come inside and they are so dirty! (I'm doing A LOT of laundry!!)

There is a lot of this needed too =) They get so tired out from playing so hard! In Texas a lot of time Akstel wouldn't take a nap and he would do fine all day but here he definetly needs it!

Another favorite (there are lots!), the big deck to enjoy the amazing view!

Looking back inside from the deck

This is taken from our deck looking at Brandon and Joann's cottage! I love having them as neighbors!!

Laundry has always been one chore that I don't mind doing but it just got even better!!! I get to do it outside! I told Joann before we left AZ, that wouldn't it be cool if they had a clothesline outside to dry our clothes in the Hawaiian air? Yes, they do!!!

And yes, the washer and dryer is outside! And I can see the ocean while I'm doing laundry!!!! And it's under the porch so I can even do it while it is raining!!!

This is the back of our cottage, standing near Brandon and Joann's back door.

this is from the downstairs porch of our cottage, the kids love to play in the "long grass"!

this is at the top of the driveway, just a big open grassy area to run little legs around!

This is our front porch

and the front door which I love!! It is almost always open =)

I love how differernt the plants and flower are tropical!


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  1. My cousin, her husband, and their 3 kids were stationed in hawaii for a few years (just got moved to virginia thru military this month) and she could not believe the washer and dryers were outside! They had 3 diff places thru their stay and all were outside like that! Too funny!