Monday, September 3, 2012

Bakota's 2nd Birthday!

I can hardly believe this little man is 2!  He is getting so big and is such a sweet little man!
We did a Bob the Builder theme, so we had a dirt cake which both boys thought was so cool! It was fun to see Bakota so excited about his birthday! I didn't get a picture of it but I had all the decorations up before he came out of the bedroom and his whole face lit up!

He blew out all the candles by himself! Akstel was very worried about this all day and wanted to help him =)

He found worms in his cake!


Akstel helped me bake the cake!
And cheerfully offered to lick the mixer =)

A new train set from Nanna & Papa

Mom & Dad came for the weekend, they got here Friday night and the boys got to open one present!

Checking out all the loot!

We had a birthday breakfast!

I was so excited to find Veggie Tales at a christian bookstore here, so we found this play-do set where they can grow hair on Bob & Larry and then give them a haircut!

After we were done with breakfast and presents, Coy took us out to see his jobsite! Akstel was very excited to see Daddy's tractor

Driving on a runway! (It was closed!)

This is part of what Coy installed

Then we went downtown to see George Bush's childhood home.  It was really neat!

The Bush ladies have a library for the kids to pick out a book!

We had so much fun with Nanna and Papa here this weekend.....the boys got spoiled for sure!!

Happy Birthday little man!


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