Saturday, August 11, 2012

What We've Been Up To

Since we've been in Texas, we've tried to get outside some, but it is really hot and humid!! But they have this cool like with a path all around it.  Ducks and turtles everywhere!

Great place to wear out little legs!

More little legs!



More turtles!!!

The boys LOVE building forts with the couch cushions!

Daddy had a Saturday off a couple of weeks ago and spent a lot of time reading to Akstel =) Happy boy and happy Daddy!

Just being goofy...or normal!  Goofy is normal around here!

We went into Midland to Barnes & Noble for story time

Digging in the oatmeal! Very messy but worth it!

I've stayed away from Pinterest for a while just because we've been so busy =( But....when I get a few extra minutes I've been back =)  I loved this idea and it works great!  We have a pretty small kitchen here (or just lots of stuff! So, freeing up one of my drawers was a great option!  I just used those little sticky squares (a lot of them)!

And I love this too!! If you read about our apartment when we first got here, you know it wasn't pretty!  The bathroom cupboards were the worst! I didn't even want to put our stuff in it! So, I put down shelf liner and then put our stuff in plastic dish washing tubs!  But then I saw this on Pinterest!! LOVE IT!  I first put it up with sticky squares but they didn't hold, so I had to use little nails and they are AWESOME!

Grandma & Grandpa (Glenn & Jenae) were here for a few days and I'm sorry to say but I only took 2 pictures the whole time they were here =( I know she took more so we'll have to watch her blog =)  They brought their camper, we were the first stop on their 2 month road trip! So, they parked it at the home where we go for Sunday meeting.  Akstel SO badly wanted to sleep in the camper with them, so both the boys ended up staying with them for 2 nights!!! They had SO much fun and LOVED it! (I don't think they even missed us!)  So, here is their pile of stuff all ready to go!

Getting into the truck with Grandma & Grandpa! And SSSOOOO excited!

After G&G left I had to find ways to keep them busy =)

Another pinterest idea.....crescents rolls, with pizza sauce, pepperoni and half a stick of string cheese! YUM!

And it was a hit =)

So...potty training Bakota is in full swing here! Exciting but exhausting!  He has been ready for a while but with so much going on, I wasn't ready!  But he woke up with a dry diaper one morning so I knew it was time!  Were not quite there yet but he is doing really good =)  He is so busy that he can hardly stand to even sit there for long so we have to distract him by ready books, which Akstel loves to do!  So sweet!

Akstel asked me after dinner the other night if he could "nop" the floor for me!  They both love my Norwex mop since it can be their size!  The next morning he told me, "Mom, I didn't finish nopping the floor last night!" So....he had to finish before breakfast =)

So fashionable right? He thinks wearing big boy underwear is so cool! But I won't want to follow him around cleaning up messes =)

We found a great park and spend a couple hours there yesterday! (Good naps after that!!!!!)

Bakota is getting much braver, walked across by himself and went down the slide by himself!!


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