Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 1 - The Letter A

Our first week back to school was August 13th and the boys were so excited!


Akstel working on his binder pages, we've fined tuned this a bit since the first week.  He works on a calendar, days of the week, months of the year, weather, writing numbers, books of the bible and bible verses.

Some of the books we read

Making an A

Lacing card

Having a A for apple snack!

Color matching

Number hopping (I'm sure our neighbors downstairs loved us!)

Letter matching

Dot paint

Coloring the cover for his binder

We are going to learn the sign language alphabet!

Akstel is an A!

Trying to make an A together =)

Letter Tracing

More writing practice.....this is not his favorite thing but I can tell it is paying off =) During meeting yesterday he was writing all the letters he knew how to do!!


Magnet page

Geo boards

Working together =)

Letter hunt

I found this lap book online, he matches upper and lower case letters together.  I am making more of these for our long flight to Hawaii coming up!

This game was a total hit!  He rolls the dice, counts what he rolled and then puts that many markers on any apples he wants.  I borrowed a dice from one of our games, used the markers from our connect 4 set and got the printable from Mama Jenn's blog.  I was very happy to see how well he did counting the dice and some of the smaller numbers he didn't have to even count!!  These are the moments it makes all the time (and frustration) SO worth it =)

YYAAYY!! He was really happy to fill up the whole grid!

Using the wooden pattern blocks to make an A

Then just having fun building

More dot paint

Counting the apple seeds and matching up the numbers

Lakeshore Learning app - letter of the day

This year is proving to be a little more tricky with Bakota wanting to do everything Akstel does =) I love that he is already so into school but I have to come up with things to keep him busy!  Here are a few pictures of Bakota doing "hoo" which is how he says school!  One night during our first week when I was tucking him in, I asked him what his favorite part of the day was and "hoo" was his immediate answer with a big smile =)

Matching Momma and baby animals

Playing with magents

Working on his colors, sorting colored bears into colored containers....we have a bit to work on here!

Jumping with Akstel

Who cares about colors.....I just want to dump them!

Dump truck!

He loves these magnets!

He always wants to show me his work just like Akstel does =)

Building a tower

and here comes the battering ram!

the reward with school is done =)

So, we made it through our first week, I will put up last week soon, we finished the Letter P!


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  1. As usual, Jodi, I just love what you do for your boys! Have you ever thought of being a teacher?!