Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Letter W catching up....again!  We did a little bit of W in Arizona, but not enough to say we really did it!  We've been slacking off in school a bit just because we have SO much going on!  Akstel doesn't understand summer break and always wants to do school =) But, Mom's been kind of busy lately =(  Anyway, here is what we did.
We started the week off with story time at the Odessa library! A pirate theme!! The boys got to make pirate hooks and hats!


Back at home and still wearing the hat!

Building W's

Lacing card

Size sorting

Letter matching

Writing practice

A letter maze

Counting pegs

A letter app on the iPad

A little iPad time after school work is done

poke page

Letter hunt

Number practice

Starting sounds app


More dotting paint

that is all for W!

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