Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just Us

Just a few everyday photos.....
Waiting for Daddy to come far the favorite part of our day =)

Akstel loves to help! Helping me with the laundry on an early morning =)

Then he decided to read books instead!

One of ther favorite games to play is "Boat!" The baskets are their boats and the floor is the water.  I often hear "Mom get out of the water! The fishes will bite your toes!!!!"  Good excuse to get out of the kitchen =)

This recipe has been floating around on Pinterest so we tried it! YUMMY! Next time I would not put in as much sugar, it was pretty sweet.  I used blueberries because that's what I had but I would like to try other berries too!

Daddy's home!  He is a popular guy when he gets home!  I was laughing when he came home this day because he took his hat off and had a really obvious dirt line from where his hat was! Unfortuneatly, it did not come out that great in the picture, but trust me it was funny! At least it gave me the giggles =) Thanks honey for letting me giggle at your dirt line!

Time for haircuts!

Loving the leappad readers

Done with tray 11! 22 weeks down, 26 to go, almost half way! I know they are not straight yet but I am just amazed at how much they have changed and I am SO excited! I just might have nice teeth one day =)

Lots of questions on Bakota's little head....he is doing great! This is one week after his fall and it is healing up nicely. It is still a little sore but he hardly ever complains about it anymore. Good thing he is so tough!


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