Thursday, August 23, 2012

A New School Year

We've started again! I feel like I learned a lot going through the Letter of the Week program last year, in how I wanted to be organized and scheduling and all.  I am looking at these "pre-school" years as good practice for when we start homeschooling that we have to report.  It is definetly a challenge to figure out a routine AND stick to it!! Juggle keeping the house clean, people fed, clothes washed, keep up on my end of running our business, paying attention to my husband and my boys!!! Slowly but surely it's coming together =) And I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!!! So, a few things I've changed this time around....while Akstel knows all of his letters and sounds I decided to do the LOTW program again, obviouslly he still has a lot to learn!  I got the program from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschool, her site is AWESOME and I get so much from her and most of it is free!  Last year we did the alphabet in order and when I started I wondered why people skipped around??? Now I know =) It gives us the freedom to incorporate a letter into something that may be going on around us.  For example, when we are in Hawaii in a few weeks, we will do the letter "O" and can learn about the ocean! Another website I get a lot of (free =)) resources from is 1+1+1=1.  So, with that said, here is our setup (for now!)
I spend a lot of time here! (Don't mind my messy piles on the floor!)

Coffee is a must =) Coy leaves early so it makes me get up early and gives me some time to myself before the boys wake up.  A must for a good day!

I have a binder of all my stuff in an effort to keep organized

There are a lot of free printables out there for planning pages, but nothing that I totally loved, so I took bits and pieces from many and made my own, so far they seem to work great!

All of our letters, each in their own binder.  While it takes up quite a bit of space, it is worth it to be able to find what I am looking for quickly and easily.

I have our "school stuff" hidden away in these drawers, it keeps litte people out of it =)

We are still using the workbox system and this works great for us!

I got 5 large plastic bins, one for each school day for the week, so I can put everything for the week in the right box and the night before put it from there into the workboxes.

This is new, I use some pages from 1+1+1=1 and some from Homeschool Creations.  I'll have more pictures of what is actually in it as we go through our letters.   It includes, our calendar, weather, number practice, colors, shapes and so on!

I also got these from 1+1+1=1, she also has two videos on You Tube of songs to learn the books of the bible, so we are going to be learning those!

She also, has a program she calls "Raising Rockstars", one thing I pulled out of there was her bible verses for each letter.  They are all fairly short and simple.

One thing we've talked a lot about is wanting the boys to learn spanish, so we are starting a little bit.  I found a site called Home Education Resources and they have free printable spanish pages.  We are starting with the letter sounds, numbers, colors and maybe throw an animal in there!

We are also going to try and learn the letters in sign language, I got these cards a while back at a homeschool store in Boise.  You can also find some online to print.

I am excited to add a US and world map! Not just for the kids but for me too!  With all of our traveling it is fund to see where we are going and have been!  It's fun to point out to Akstel where we are and where are family is.

I've put a red star for each place we've lived....a lot! It's neat to see a visual! And it's awesome to see Akstel putting it together of what we are up to! we go! We'll see how the year goes and hope that I have enough patience to get through it!

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  1. Good luck on another new school year!=) Looks like it'll be fun!