Saturday, August 11, 2012

A New Chapter!

As you probably know, we travel.....A LOT! And we love it!  We also have a house in Gilbert, AZ that we bought just before Akstel was born.  We're hardly ever there but we do love it! We brought both our babies home there and have so many memories and dreams!  But, we decided that it was time to let it go, for many reasons, so as hard as it is, we are very excited to see where this new road will lead us!  We put it on the market on July 7th, received the offer we accepted on July 26th and it closed yesterday (August 10th)! Fast, yes! But it is such a relief to not worry about it or have anyone look after it!  We haven't made any plans yet, other than finishing up here in Midland, we have our apartment here until the end of September.  We also have the project in Maui to complete and it looks like we will be headed there sometime in September and be there for 5 weeks.  So that gets us through the end of October =) After that, at this moment.....we'll be homeless =) Which should probably sound scary but to us it is exciting!  We have many ideas rolling around so we'll see what happens!

The boys and I drove back to Phoenix to pack up the house.  It was great to have everyone come over when we got home and bring a yummy dinner =)  It was perfect timing because my Grandma & Grandpa Dawson were visiting and so we were able to see them!

Box races!


Even Skeeter went for a ride!

Boxes are so much fun!

Special time with Grandpa before the moving begins

We had an amazing crew of helpers!

I was so impressed with Akstel, when we unloaded everything to put it in storage he was right there helping out!

I know it looks like I'm just sitting around =) I really was working though! Getting all the boxes that were in the "attic"!

Akstel was so excited to ride with Grandpa in the moving truck!

We can't thank everyone enough who helped us pack and move! We couldn't have done it without you!  They all dropped everything else and in a whirlwind it was done!



  1. Wow, how exciting... and exhausting!!! Love your new blog template, by the way! It's gorgeous!

  2. Good luck in wherever the future may lead. I really admire your way of looking at the future and think I should adopt a bit of that?! A visit to WI would be nice??? =-)

    1. Yes, Kara! A visit your way is high on our list =) We were bummed to miss out on the Iowa project, so we'll just have to find another way to get up there!