Friday, July 27, 2012

Odessa, TX Apartment

Home sweet home!
It didn't start out so sweet! We got here late on a Thursday night and there were more than a few bugs roaming around and it was filthy! I was not too excited to say the least!  Our furniture wasn't being delivered until Friday morning so we camped out! Eeewwwwww!!!!  I had to do a good cleaning before we brought anything and slept on the floor =)  But, after many bottles of bug spray, bug bombs, glue traps and the exterminator coming I am happy to report we are...mostly....bug free! And a really good cleaning and it's pretty homey =) (Just don't look out the windows!!!!) We definetly hit the jackpot with the furniture, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

The boys' room

I still need to hang up Bakota's name

Herei s where I camp out a lot!

I left a little space for Coy when he is around =) And of course all of our school stuff!
I always love to get on the road and live a "simple" life =)

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  1. Your 70's kitchen looks about as good as our 70's kitchen. =) But can't complain as it all works. =)Cute place!