Friday, July 27, 2012

Aaahhh...a trip to Goodwill!

On the way to the park the other day, we HAD to stop at Goodwill!  And so glad we did =)
Two new dump trucks for a whopping total of $5!!!

I've seen these wine bottle racks used for towels....not thrilled with mine???? Maybe I can find something else to use it for.

This frame was haphazardly left on a shelf with a price tag of $11.99! I really liked it but not for 12 bucks! So, I asked her if that was the correct price and in her lovely Texas drawl....
"No m'am! How about 69 cents?"  Gotta love it!!!

A fun new bag for 2 bucks!

And I am ashamed to say that yes, I did buy this light =( But only because a little person decided to turn a book into an airplane and fly into the light that use to be there, resulting in a disastrous crash! So....I am simply replacing this ugly thing! But I am pretty sure the 70's will call soon and want their fixture back!
So, all in all a great Goodwill trip =)


  1. Now that is one very pretty light fixture:(

  2. A 69 CENT mirror frame?! I think I would really enjoy that Goodwill! =-)

  3. How beautiful!! How funny! =)