Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spending Time with Alawna!

Alawna is out of school for the summer and her sisters were with Grandma & Grandpa for a week in CA (she was patientlly waiting her turn to go!) so she was getting a little bored at home!  So, she came to swimming lessons with us last week on Monday and Tuesday and then spent the afternoon! The boys LOVED it! And so did I =) I got lots done and the boys were happy!!  She was such a great helper, always looking for something to do to help out with and played with the boys! I'm ready to have her
move in =)

Akstel was entertaining us with his reinactment of "Veggie Tales"!!!  Click HERE to see the video. (it is the first video in the June 2012 folder)

She wanted to help him with school, so they worked on the calendar wall

Then they made so glue/glitter letters on note cards

Akstel was so worn out after she left that he fell asleep on the floor =)

And woke up to be very goofy!!

Thanks Alawna! We loved having you!!

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