Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Letter U

We finished the Letter U

Akstel is filling in his weather graph

Going through his ABC's and finding the U

Letter Hunt

Found the U!

Going through his workboxes

Building the letter U

Working on a color by number, this seems to keep his focus a lot better than just coloring

Bakota wants to do school too!

This is a great activity for fine motor skills, it will keep B busy for a long time!!

Grandma came over and taught them about rough and smooth surfaces

and read books!

Working on a number puzzle

Grandma gave our tree a makeover! She put velcro on all the letters so that when little B pulls the letters off they are easy to put back up!!

Letter matching


Playing with the letter magnets

Working on his writing

This is definetly one of his favorite things, moon sand! He always asks for it when he is done with school or Bakota takes a nap.  It is kind of messy but vacuums up really well.

Putting up the letter his hat?

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