Friday, June 1, 2012

The Letter T

We finished the Letter T! And I didn't take very many pictures =(  Bakota is usually awake during "school" time, so it makes it a little more interesting keeping him busy and keeping Akstel on track =) But it is fun to see how much the little guy likes it too!

Akstel was "trying" to help him sort his colors!

We found a good "T" book

Akstel was very excited to find out that Thomas the Train started with "T"!!!

Bakota loves to have his picture taken and should a big happy "gees"

Counting up his calendar days

Bakota not wanting to miss out!

Akstel coloring in his weather graph

Working on a color by number page, we worked on this just a little at a time because he doesn't love to color, but was a fun way to help him work on his letters.
We made a Thomas the Train Tot Book, I found it here, and I guess I don't have any pictures of it but it made Akstel really happy!!!

I found a neat website where you can create handwriting worksheets, here

Working on his cutting skills

Dotting Paint

More dotting paint and a very cheesy grin!

Writing practive

I love the concentration and the tounge!!

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