Saturday, June 23, 2012

Back in Arizona - Random Pictures

We are back in Arizona and it's HOT!
We have to find ways to keep ourselves busy inside!

Spending time with family!

Love to see all the cousins playing together!

Doing some more work on the house

Being goofy!

New can lights! And an arch in progress

We've been using our bike and new trailer a lot!

This was our first bike ride along the canal a few weeks ago, we had to stop and see the fish!

Hard to see but LOTS of fish!

We finally got Coy a new bike and a rack for the car!!

We went for an early ride to beat the heat

Lots of ducks and even a turtle!

It is such a beautiful peaceful ride!

Akstel riding with Daddy

We went for a ride this morning and went by the corn fields, Akstel wanted to see how corn grows!

Bakota trying it out!

Akstel was being goofy on our drive back from ID.

Trying to find a cool place to hang out

Poor Snuffles, I don't think he likes the heat

Ice cream!!!

This has got to be one of my favorite pictures! Too bad it was on phone so it's not the best quality.  Akstel wanted to tuck Bakota in, gave him a hug and a kiss and said love you! Very sweet =)

Akstel likes to help!! So, I put him to work on my rather full shred box!

He is helping Daddy in the garage today!! They had some welding to do =)

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