Saturday, June 23, 2012

2012 Swimming Lessons

We finished our summer swimming lessons! This year Akstel was in Shrimps! The first level of being with Mom =)  It took him a few days to get into it, he wouldn't look at or talk to his teacher but he was so excited when we came home to tell me all about it!!

There was four kids in his class

Just went under water!  He told me later, "Mom, I don't like to go underwater"!

Back floating

Front floating

Totally not into it!!

This is Bakota's frist "official" swim lesson, we were in the parent tot class.  Alawna took these pictures!!

Blowing bubbles

Just went under! He LOVED it!!

But not as much as he loved jumping in!! Over and over and over and over and........

These pictures were taken at the end of the session and he was doing much better!

but he had a little trouble with his goggles falling down!

He is really good at blowing bubbles!

I thought this was so funny! He is hanging onto the edge with his toes!

Great kicking!

Under all on his own!

Superman arms

Big circles

Playing in the water

And the much looked forward to froggy slide! On the last day they FINALLY got to go down the slide!

Go here to see all of our pictures and some videos

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