Monday, May 14, 2012

Prosser - May 2012

We were able to head to Prosser for this past weekend.  Grandpa fell off a ladder a couple of weeks ago and isn't able to lift anything, so there was lots to done around their place.  So, we figured we'd go get in there way for a while.  This is the view coming over the hills into town.  A little foggy that day.

The big boys in their beds =)

It had been 3 weeks since we had been there and the garden and nursery had turned very green and grown!

Grandpa had 4 trees that needed to be dug up and ready for a customer to pick up that afternoon.  So, Coy and I (mostly Coy) were able to get that done for him.

Grandpa is the type of person that can't just sit when there is work to do so it was very hard for him to sit inside even though he was still pretty sore.  It was so fun to be on the farm again!!!

Grandpa has a great talent for making beautiful trees, this one he grew to be a tree house tree! It has a wide support system so when it is bigger and stronger it will support a tree house!!

Boys and dirt....need I say more?

The tractor! The boys were so excited that we got to use it!

We got the trees loaded up and the boys got to ride them up to the house!

We had to fill in the holes where the trees were.

Weeding the garden

We weeded and cleaned up the garden and then Grandpa showed me how to transplant the lettuce.  He took a bunch from some he had planted a while ago and separated all the little roots and planted a whole other row! It was really neat to see how you can multiply your garden without planting new seeds or buying new plants.  We also planted some squash seeds.   Did I mention we had fun?

Grandma made some lemonade and the boys took a break! How cute they are!

Grandpa has lots to teach!

Helping spread out the bark


Wheelbarrow rides were great fun!

Raking out the new bark, amazing how beautiful it looks all cleaned up!

Grandma hosed off the downstairs porch and Akstel was very excited to learn that a hose can have a gun on the end of it!!!

The boys learning to play croquet

More raking!

Riding the lawn mower!

Watching Grandpa

Akstel loved to follow Grandpa Jean around, I love this picture!

Grandpa Jean is usually always barefoot (for as long as I can remember!) and the boys thought that was neat so it wasn't too long before they followed him!

After a long day's work, Grandpa played the boys a few songs =)

We took some pictures on Sunday morning, Happy Mother's Day!

Judy came over on Saturday night

I decided it was overdue to get some pictures of the boys, they turned out cute!

On our way home we stopped for some ice cream!!!

We had a great weekend!


  1. Mason wants to be outside all day long and LOVES the dirt!!! too.....

  2. so glad you went up, looks like you had the perfect weekend!

  3. Those are some ADORABLE pics!!! Sweet...

  4. I wonder if my Evan is related to your Grandpa...he thinks shoes are not necessay either. CUTE post!

  5. What a lovely account of the weekend! We miss you, and are so happy you came twice while you were close enough to do so. Lots of love to each of you.