Monday, May 14, 2012

The Letter S

We finished up the letter S before convention

Akstel used play-do to make the letter S and s

I found this idea here and loved it! So...we had to try it for ourselves =) 

Akstel knows all his colors, but it was still a fun thing for him to do.  It was interesting to see how he went about it.  He did one color at a time, picked out all the red bears and put them in the jars, then moved to the next color.

Then he just played with them, which was fun too!

We used our magnets

Then free time with those too =)

When Bakota woke up he wanted to play too!

I am always amazed at how much better he is getting with his scissors

Bakota had fun with the jars too!

He doesn't know his colors yet but filling the jars and dumping them out was great fun!!!

When Daddy came home he checked out what the boys were doing

He really likes the letter hunts and does really well.

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