Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Invisalign - Tray #5

I missed a picture of the 4th tray (I put it in while we were at convention).  Last Wednesday I put in the 5th tray and I am starting to see improvements =) Very exciting!! Only 37 weeks to go from today!

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  1. Ok where have i been! I have missed every invisalign post thus far! And i looked back at them all and i thought i read the rest! Anyways, yay for invisalign! I have had.mine since last april...but i have 40 trays to go thru so longer then u... lol! Anyways i no exactly how ur feeling so yay for u! Its sooo exciting when u get to 10 and above and compare back to tray 1 and u can see huge differences! And totally agree with the diet comment u said on ur first post ;)