Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Friday Night

Last Friday night there was an event "Honoring Heroes" that one of the schools put on here, they had firefighters and police officers to meet the kids and fun activities to do. 

This sheriff's deputy was showing how is K9 partner finds drugs.

He sits down and waits when he finds them

The boys got to sit in a fire truck

We met another sheriff and he showed us all of his equipment, it was really neat!

Bakota trying out his SWAT shield

The deputy showing us one way to use it

Akstel wasn't too sure about all of this but since, he has talked about it alot!!

I told Bakota this is the only time I want to see him in the back of a police car!!

We got to meet the K9 officer up close! He has a really neat house in the back of the SUV, complete with A/C and alarms if he get too hot!  It was a very high tech rig, paid for completely with recovered drug money!  The officer makes a point to tell all drug dealers this =)

Driving the ambulance!

We went out for dinner at Red Robin afterwards

and Krispy Kreme for desert =)
A great night!

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