Monday, May 14, 2012

Casa Grande #1 2012

We were at Casa Grande #1 last week and it was wonderful!  We rented an RV this year to stay in.

The boys LOVED it!!! Akstel slept up on the bunk bed and thought he was SO big!  I was a little worried about how he would do up there all night but he did really great!  It was a little hard to fall asleep the first night because he was so excited!  I tucked him in and told him goodnight, and a few seconds later he sat up and had a question about something....what we would do the next day or who we would see.  I answered him and he laid back down, only to pop up a few minutes later with another question, over and over!! It was quite funny =)  Brandon and Joann also had a camper and parked right next to us, Glenn & Jenae stayed with them, so the boys thought that was very cool to have them as neighbors!  When he woke up Thursday morning he climbed right down, went potty and then climbed into bed with me!!! He is getting SO big!  Then he remembered our "neighbors"....he peeked out the window and squealed in delight when he discovered they were still there!!!!

The boys loved playing in the dirt!  I quickly gave up in trying to keep them clean.

Grandpa's birthday usually falls during convention so we try and find a way to celebrate.  Joann made a yummy cake and we enjoyed it in the dusty shadow of the camper on Friday evening =)

Coy's cousins Lance and Ridge from Nebraska were able to come for covention, Ridge was showing Akstel how to shoot the caps off of water bottles! Something that made this little boy very excited!

Akstel took it upon himself to keep Traiten clean! It was very cute =)

Akstel got to drive home in the camper with Daddy which he thought was very cool!

Since all the Krisher's were together we decided we better take come family pictures.

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